Need help with unexpected reboot in 10.1-RELEASE

Natacha Porté natbsd at
Wed Nov 26 08:29:45 UTC 2014


last week, I updated my main personal computer from 9.2-RELEASE to
10.1-RELEASE. Since then, I experienced four sudden and unexpected
reboots (is that what is called "crashes"?). They were immediate, so
it's not a kernel panic (which keeps the system unusable for 15s before
rebooting). Nothing appears in the logs, but who knows what could be in
the uncommitted buffers?

I run with a ZFS root, and the zpool is directly on the unsliced disk.
I have a nVidia graphics card, with the proprietary driver, on two
screens with two displays (":0" and ":0.1") and two window managers.
It's an amd64 platform, but I have a i386 chroot from where I run Wine.
The latest two reboots happened exactly when I closed World of Warcraft.
I don't remember anything from the second reboot, and the very first one
didn't involve Wine, but it may have been close to watching a YouTube
video directly in Firefox.
But on the other hand, there has been several instances of closing World
of Warcraft or watching YouTube without triggering the reboot.
So at this point, and considering the relatively slow rate of acquiring
data, I would consider something related to the video to be the best

I doubt this is a purely hardware issue, since I generally choose my
hardware for its reliability, and I regularly reached three-digit days
of uptime with 9.2-RELEASE.

I did take a snapshot of my 9.2-RELEASE, so I'm one zfs rollback away
from checking whether it sill happens with 9.2-RELEASE. However, if as
is likely it does work around the problem, I will probably have a hard
time motivating myself to come back to the problem, rather than just
waiting for the next release to see whether it has been magically solved
without me.

So before rolling back to 9.2-RELEASE, I would like to try diagnosing
the problem as much as possible, as one of the few ways a humble user
like me can contribute.

Is there anything I can do to gather more information about the problem?
Would you need extra information about my setup first (lspci, dmidecode,
ports options, etc)?

Someone has already suggested me to disable APIC (not ACPI), but that
causes a kernel panic early in the boot because of lack of event timer.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Natacha Porté

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