FreeBSD 10.1 qcow2 image panic on Linux VM hosts

Chris Stenton chris at
Fri Nov 21 11:58:42 UTC 2014


I am trying to run the vanilla FreeBSD 10.1 qcow2 image on a CENTOS 7 VM 

  I can start it up ok but under a small load it kernel panics.

The error is

g_vfs_done():vtdb0: hard error gpt/rootfs[WRITE(offset=21890048, 
length=8704)]cmd=write error = 534 panic:cannot reassign paging buffer 
cpuid = 1

Dump failed so I am just copying the above from virt-manager console.

All I am doing is pkg install emacs24  and it gets as far as "[7/96] 
Installing perl5-5.16.3_11:  32%"

I've tried the Image on a Ubuntu VM host as well and get the same 
problem.  I've tried varying the amount of memory up to 4GB but still 
the same problem. Other OS's clients run fine.

Any ideas?



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