best overall upgrade from 8.x?

Michael Ross gmx at
Sat Nov 15 17:39:12 UTC 2014

On Sat, 15 Nov 2014 16:20:49 +0100, Dimitry Andric <dim at> wrote:

> On 15 Nov 2014, at 13:53, Adrian Wontroba <aw1 at> wrote:
>> On Sat, Nov 15, 2014 at 12:44:33PM +0100, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
>>> On 11/15/14 05:48, Kevin Oberman wrote:
>>>> I'd wait a month or so and, if no problems that might impact you pop  
>>>> up,
>>>> I'd go with 10.1
>>> Uh... is direct upgrade (using sources) possible from 8.4 to 10.1?
>>> No need to step through 9.x?
>> Even the move from 9.2 (a near year old 9/stable) to 10.1 (stable/10 as
>> of about 3 weeks ago) is slightly problematic.
>> Following the normal upgrade procedure of installkernel and then
>> rebooting with the userland untouched runs into a problem whereby
>> rc.conf falls apart with a shower of eval errors, no networking, ...
>> I do not know the cause.
> I almost certainly know the cause: you are supposed to reboot into
> single user mode after installkernel.  A regular boot to full multi user
> mode may or may not work, depending on numerous unpredictable
> circumstances. :-)

If you follow the handbook,
you are not supposed to reboot at all after installkernel.
I think it was advised once, but it does no longer say so,
it just says "drop to single user".

Well, it still says "[single user] also minimizes any problems from  
running the old world on a new kernel." which you don't actually do if you  
follow the instructions.


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