SuperMicro IPMI/SOL and ipmitool troubles

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at
Tue Nov 11 17:31:09 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues,

I'm trying to set up sol console for supermicro servers, reading some documents 
including TestClusterOne, mainly:

> For serial redirection to work, in the BIOS you need to redirect to com port 
> B and in /boot/device.hints you need hint.uart.1.flags="0x10" and enable getty on 
> cuau1 

I can see BIOS screen ok; boot1/2 and boot/loader work fine also.  However, I 
could not see kernel console output via SOL, neither getty on ttyu1 works.
I tried different speeds, std vs 3wire, explicitely set console=comconsole 
vidconsole -- no luck.

I even trued to use `ipmitool sol activate' on one side and `tip -115200 com2' 
on the other -- stiil no data between.

Any hints?


For the reference:

marck at centipede:~> ipmitool -H -U root -I lanplus sol info
Set in progress                 : set-complete
Enabled                         : true
Force Encryption                : false
Force Authentication            : false
Privilege Level                 : USER
Character Accumulate Level (ms) : 0
Character Send Threshold        : 0
Retry Count                     : 0
Retry Interval (ms)             : 0
Volatile Bit Rate (kbps)        : 115.2
Non-Volatile Bit Rate (kbps)    : 115.2
Payload Channel                 : 1 (0x01)
Payload Port                    : 623

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