Upgrade from 10.1RC3 to 10.1RC4 fails

geoffroy desvernay dgeo at centrale-marseille.fr
Tue Nov 11 12:50:32 UTC 2014

On 11/07/2014 10:11 PM, John Nielsen wrote:
> On Nov 5, 2014, at 11:44 AM, Mikhail Tsatsenko <m.tsatsenko at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2014-11-05 6:34 GMT+04:00 George Kola <georgekola at gmail.com>:
>>> I am trying to upgrade a 10.1 RC3 box to 10.1RC4 and it fails as follows
>>> bsd01:~]$uname -r
>>> 10.1-RC3
>>> [bsd01:~]$sudo freebsd-update upgrade -r 10.1-RC4
>>> Looking up update.FreeBSD.org mirrors... 5 mirrors found.
>>> Fetching metadata signature for 10.1-RC3 from update5.freebsd.org... done.
>>> Fetching metadata index... fetch: http://update5.freebsd.org/10.1-RC3/amd64/t/c8fafcc79d7cc092c7782f4f1a29a777d751294183c8f2cb9daf940ba0525d96: Not Found
>>> failed.
>>> Is there a work-around/fix for this ?
>> Just faced the same issue.
>> As far I can see http://update5.freebsd.org/10.1-RC3/amd64/t/
>> directory does not contain requested file, on other hand there is a
>> file with another name.
> I ran in to this as well. This forum thread proposes a workaround:
> https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/freebsd-update-r-10-1-rc4-upgrade-fails.48835/
> Namely, run "freebsd-update rollback" and reboot before trying the upgrade.
> Would be nice to see this fixed on the freebsd-update server side though..
Works here too, but can someone explain what happened here ?

geoffroy desvernay
C.R.I - Administration systèmes et réseaux
Ecole Centrale de Marseille

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