Request for r261231 backport to 10.0

Darren Pilgrim list_freebsd at
Sun Nov 9 00:00:06 UTC 2014

10.0 i386 introduced a bug in cron that results in it running jobs at 
the wrong time[1].  r261231[2] MFC'd the fix to 10-stable, but after 
10.0-R.  10.1 is due in a few days, but it will be at least a month 
before move to 10.1 because I wait a bit for problems that tend to crop 
up only after release.

Building cron from stable/10 r261231 and copying it over /usr/sbin/cron 
on my 10.0 systems fixes the issue, but that's an evil hack.

Can we get this backported to 10.0 as an errata fix?


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