Status of svnlite(1) in make.conf(5)

Warren Block wblock at
Thu Nov 6 14:41:37 UTC 2014

On Thu, 6 Nov 2014, Juan Ramón Molina Menor wrote:

>> On Wed, 5 Nov 2014, Chris H wrote:
>>> On Wed, 05 Nov 2014 22:25:47 +0100 Juan Ramón Molina Menor
>>> <listjm at> wrote
>>>> Hi!
>>>> Just curious about what it seems an inconsistency with svnlite(1). The
>>>> initial commit (r251886) says that it was included for checking out and
>>>> committing source and cites two make.conf(5) knobs: WITH_SVN (to get
>>>> "svn" instead of "svnlite") and WITHOUT_SVNLITE (in reality, they are in
>>>> src.conf(5)). Nevertheless, the make.conf man page says, in the
>>>> SVN_UPDATE section, that no subversion client is included in the base
>>>> system, and indeed 'make update' does not work by default.
>>>> Should I open a PR or it is too much nitpicking?
>>> I think it would be a good idea. I can say for sure that
>>> svnlite(1) comes on, and is installed from the bootonly CD/DVD.
>>> I think it's also worth mentioning that the entries are actually
>>> targeted to the src.conf(5).
>>> You may also want to CC docs at . As I think Warren Block might also
>>> be interested.
>> It's just "doc@", but I'm here also.  And agreed, if the information in
>> a man page is not correct, it needs to be fixed.
> Can I help somehow? It?s not only the man page which needs a fix, but maybe 
> also /Makefile.inc1:

A PR with patch to fix all the files would be the best.  A list of the 
files to change and changes to be made is probably just as difficult to 
create, but would also work.

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