Advice on an odd networking problem

Pete French petefrench at
Wed Nov 5 18:23:35 UTC 2014

I have some ouzzling behaviour here - looks very much like
I am running out of network resources of some kind, but I cant find
out what, so am wondering if anyone has any ideas.

All machines are running FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE r265427 - which is from
the start of May (probbaly around heartbleed time!)

We have 5 machines running webservers - apache24 serving cgi scripts,
plyus nginx being used to drive uwsgi with some django/python based
code. These are load balanced by pound on a machine which faces
the internet. This all works as expected, except that if I modify
the cgi-scripts running inside Apache so they make some https
calls to the nginx server on then what we see is that
pound then stops being able to connect to Apache for a proportion
of its calls - its returns 503's.

The effect on the calls which fail are as if the webserver is
not listening anymore. But this only applies to a fraction of
the calls - most get through. If I disable the cuntionality
which makes the intrenal call to then the problem
goes away.

It looks to me like I am runing out of some network resource somwhow,
but the load is very very low, and I cant see any obvious parameters
hitting their limits. Nothing is looged out of the ordinary on
the webservers, the only symptoom is the load balancer not being
able to connect.

Does anyone have any ideas where to look for a solution ? It is
puzzling the hell out of me!


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