Recovery of zpools went corrupt!?

Zenny garbytrash at
Mon Feb 3 09:14:50 UTC 2014

On 2/3/14, Scot Hetzel <swhetzel at> wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 1:04 PM, Zenny <garbytrash at> wrote:
>> Reposting the mail below as I had an oversight not to include subject
>> line. Apology in advance!
>>> Hi:
>>> Last time, Devin had been very kind to suggest me when the system
>>> borked while trying to upgrade from v10B3 to vRC1.
>>> Following FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE, I installed to a new machine with
>>> encrypted root in zfs mirror, and since there was something wrong (a
>>> double quote by mistake) inserted in the /boot/device.hints, the
>>> kernel refused to boot and landed to the mountroot prompt.
>>> Therefore, in order to make changes what I did was:
>>> 1. Boot into LiveCD mode
>>> 2.     mkdir /tmp/bootpool
>>>         zpool import -f bootpool
>>>         zfs set mountpoint=/tmp/bootpool bootpool
>>>         zfs mount -a
>>>         cp /tmp/bootpool/boot/encryption.key /tmp/
>>>         zfs umount -a
>>>         zfs set mountpoint=/bootpool bootpool
>>>         zpool export bootpool
>>>         geli attach -k /tmp/encryption.key /dev/ada0p4
>>>         geli attach -k /tmp/encryption.key /dev/ada1p4
>>>         zpool import -R /mnt zroot
>>>         zpool import -R /mnt/bootpool bootpool
>>> 3. Removed the double quote (") from /bootpool/boot/device.hints and
>>> saved the file.
>>> 4. Rebooted the file and now it says that there is no
>>> boot/zfsbootloader.
> Does the file /boot/zfsloader exist in /boot or /bootpool/boot?

Immediately after reboot, I got an error:

"can't find /boot/zfsloader"

followed by:

"can't load 'kernel'

Therefore, I rebooted livecd and tried to check by mounting bootpool
and the /tmp/bootpool directory was empty! Earlier it was working

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