9.2 Boot Problem

Doug Hardie bc979 at lafn.org
Sat Apr 5 04:08:47 UTC 2014

I put this out on Questions, but got no responses. Hopefully someone here has some ideas.

FreeBSD 9.2.  All of my systems are hanging during boot right after the screen that has the picture.  Its as if someone hit a space on the keyboard.  However, these systems have no keyboard.  If I plug one in, or use the serial console, and enter a return, the boot continues properly.

The boot menu is displayed along with Beastie.  However, the line that says Autoboot in n seconds… never appears.  It just stops there.  These are all new installs from CD systems.  I just used freebsd-update to take a toy server from 9.1 to 9.2 and it doesn't exhibit this behavior.  It boots properly.  I have updated one of the production servers with the latest 9.2 changes and it still has the issue.  I first thought that some config file did not get updated properly on the CD.  I have dug around through the 4th files and don't see anything obvious that would cause this.  I have now verified that all the 4th files in boot are identical (except for the version number.  They are slightly different).  I don't believe this is a BIOS setting issue as FreeBSD 7.2 didn't exhibit this behavior.  All 4 systems are on totally different motherboards.

I tried setting loader_logo="none" in /boot/config.rc and that eliminated the menu and Beastie.  I think the system completed booting, but the serial console was then dead.  It did not respond or output anything.  I had to remove that and reboot to get the console back again.

I need to get this fixed as these are production servers that are essentially unmanned so its difficult to get them back up again.  

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