dhclient failure with Realtek 8111E Etnernet on new MSI motherboard

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at bellsouth.net
Thu Sep 26 20:06:32 UTC 2013

> The patch was not intended to address your issue. It was for
> getting correct MAC revision number. So seeing no behavioral change
> is normal.
> The MAC revision number now indicates 0x00100000 which means you
> have slightly different variant. I'll let you know if I happen to
> find more clue on that MAC revision.

So now there is no advantage in building that kernel for my i386 USB-stick installation.

Do I need to file a send-pr?

> One last shot in the dark:
> what if you reboot the router in front of the node in question?
> Sometimes it was surprised, when managing different mac addresses
> on the same adapter.
> I might be missing some parts, but did the mobo work before?
> Best regards

>                            Zoran

I believe I can power off the router, and after a minute or two, power back on.

Sure the mobo works, even the Ethernet chip works, but not with FreeBSD.

I could boot NetBSD-HEAD amd64, dhclient ran ok, and I was able to checkout the system source tree and pkgsrc tree with cvs.

So if I can get past the snag in pkg-config, which was dropped by FreeBSD in favor of pkgconf, I could build subversion and checkout the FreeBSD-HEAD source tree.

I wonder if my Ethernet chip is better supported in the upcoming FreeBSD-10.0.

I also have the on-motherboard quasi-USB WiFi Atheros AR9271 and the Hiro USB-stick-type WiFi adapter, Realtek RTL8191SU chip.

I could also try to boot my OpenBSD 5.3 live USB 8 GB, see if Ethernet chip or Wi-Fi works, but OpenBSD can't access my hard drive or GPT-partitioned USB sticks, since OpenBSD does not support GPT, or USB 3.0.


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