dhclient failure with Realtek 8111E Etnernet on new MSI motherboard

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at bellsouth.net
Thu Sep 26 02:32:38 UTC 2013

> It looks like 8168E-VL.
> Could you try attached patch and show me the dmesg output(re(4) and
> rgephy(4) only)? The patch was generated to support 8106E but it
> will correctly show MAC revision number.

I assume I go to /usr/src and run
patch < /home/arlene/computer/re.8106.diff 

Then rebuild the kernel with -DNO_MODULES and install under a different name, like kernelre?

I would install this on USB-stick installation, could do this for i386 USB-stick installation as well.

> > Somewhat later I got

> >  Memory modified after free 0xfffffe0011546800(2048) val=977e3dd
> 4 @ 0xfffffe0011546800
> > Memory modified after free 0xfffffe001153b800(2048) val=ffffffff @ 0xfffffe00115
> 3b800
> > Memory modified after free 0xfffffe0011524800(2048) val=977e3dd4 @ 0xfffffe00115
> 24800
> > VESA: set_mode(): 24(18) -> 24(18)
> > Memory modified after free 0xfffffe0011594000(2048) val=977e3dd4 @ 0xfffffe00115
> 94000

> The size(2048) indicates mbuf cluster which in turn means bad
> things happened in re(4). I have no idea how this can happen
> though.
> If you assign static IP addressi to re(4), does the driver works as
> expected?

I can try assigning a static address to re4, not really sure how to set up manually, though I did it long ago in Slackware Linux.

I wouldn't have known size 2048 indicated something bad, though the message's presence and system crash indicated that something was fouled up in memory.


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