FreeBSD 9.1 ix driver vlan problem

Rumen Telbizov telbizov at
Wed Sep 25 00:16:19 UTC 2013

Hello Jack, list,

I've been dealing with a nagging problem for a day now and decided to ask a
quick question here.

Basically I am building a brand new FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE router which has a
dual port fiber NIC (X520-SR2 10GbE Dual-Port Server Adapter (82599ES)
10GBASE-SR - LC). The network card is recognized fine by the ix driver and
overall works fine.

The issue is when I start adding vlans to this card. It seems like every
time I add a brand new vlan it "freezes" all the rest of the vlans already
configured on that one physical interface. I loose ping between my locally
connected peers.

ifconfig vlan200 create  # this is OK
ifconfig vlan200 inet  vlan 200 vlandev ix1 description DEBUG #
this second line makes the rest of the vlans freeze for 6-7 seconds

On the switch side (Juniper) the physical interface flaps. There's nothing
in logs/dmesg.

If I configure the above vlan on an em0 interface - things are just smooth.

I read some similar complaints that have surfaced in the past:

Any idea what might be the problem? Any improvements in 9.2-RC4 in this

Thank you in advance,

Rumen Telbizov
Unix Systems Administrator <>

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