FreeBSD 9-Stable + Atom D510 Freeze

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Fri Sep 20 17:06:53 UTC 2013

On 20 September 2013 11:52, Gary Palmer <gpalmer at> wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 10:49:28AM -0400, Thomas Laus wrote:
>> Gary Palmer [gpalmer at] wrote:
>> >
>> > When building kernel & world do you use the '-j' argument to do parallel
>> > builds?  AFAIK thats not done by default, but it is for some ports.
>> >
>> Gary:
>> I just use the system defaults when building anything.  If there is a
>> '-j' argument passed to the compiler, I was not the one that did it.
>> Does this mean that the port building process needs to determine the
>> processor type in the configure stage?  I only use portmaster to keep
>> the ports updated.  I don't know of a global hook that will change the
>> compiler build flags in portmaster.
> Hi Tim,
> It's not a compiler flag, it's a make flag.  make -j n will fork off up to
> n compilers to do the build.  If you just do "make buildworld" then there
> is no parallel compilation.
> It used to be that ports had MAKE_JOBS_SAFE in the Makefile to mark that
> the port could be built using parallel compiles with the '-j' argument
> to make.  It appears that the logic has been switched and now you have
> to mark them as MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE to say that parallel builds shouldn't be
> done, indicating that parallel builds are the default now (unless I'm
> misreading the code)
> You can try putting
> into /etc/make.conf to see if that stops the problem on port builds.
> Alternatively I think you could do
> portmaster -m DISABLE_MAKE_JOBS=yes <other options>
> However you'd have to do that each time you run portmaster.  I think
> putting
> in your .portmasterrc may do the same thing (not tried it).
> Note: this is NOT a fix.  If it works, it merely stops the ports builder
> from triggering the problem by not doing parallel compiles.  The compiles
> will also take longer.

I believe that both world/kernel & ports will honour
MAKE_JOBS_NUMBER=1 #(in /etc/make.conf)
which should restrict all builds to 1 "parallel" thread,


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