HFC-4S and pcm_slave

Hans Petter Selasky hans.petter.selasky at bitfrost.no
Wed Sep 18 13:24:21 UTC 2013

On 09/18/13 15:20, Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:
>   Hello,
> thanks to Hans Petter Selasky, isdn4bsd (i4b) was easy to install and
> seems to do the same great job these days with 9.2 as a decade ago with
> 3.x :-)
> But I had a hard time getting isdntest-connection working with my atcom
> AX-4S (HFC-4S).
> Accidentally I read on HPSs site that HFC-4S/8S are by default
> initialized in pcm_slave mode.
> I had no idea about pcm_mode – nothing qualified found with a very quick
> search – but I understand the need and possibilities of clock sources.
> But why is the default to rely on external clock source with HFC-4S?


This is just to avoid a conflict if the devices are physically connected.

> And how – if it's describable in one sentence – does the HFC-4S read
> external clock?

It depends on the board. I have not used this feature myself, but there 
is some wiring cables, you can put between the boards (if they support 
it), which also handles call-bridging in hardware.

> Is there something like 'hint.hfc.X.pcm_master' (planned)?

No, but please submit a patch if you want it :-)

> Why isn't isdn4bsd and libcapi in the official ports tree?

There is no specific reason for this. If you ask, the ports guys will 
eventually include it :-)


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