[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD Errata Notice FreeBSD-EN-13:03.mfi

Andrea Rimicci andrea at rimicci.name
Tue Sep 17 12:34:28 UTC 2013

I'm sorry to make you waste time on me, but I were not able to check 
signature on message from errata-notices at freebsd.org

Can you please point me to, or email me where to retrieve the public 
PGP key for email errata-notices at freebsd.org ?

That email was not found on http://www.freebsd.org/doc/pgpkeyring.txt

Thank you, Andrea

At 22/08/2013 03:15, FreeBSD Errata Notices wrote:
 >Hash: SHA1
 >FreeBSD-EN-13:03.mfi                                            Errata Notice
 >                                                          The FreeBSD Project
 >Topic:          data corruption with mfi(4) JBOD disks > 2TB
 >Category:       contrib
 >Module:         mfi
 >Announced:      2013-08-22
 >Credits:        Steven Hartland, Doug Ambrisko
 >Affects:        FreeBSD 9.1
 >Corrected:      2012-12-03 18:37:02 UTC (stable/9, 9.1-STABLE)
 >                2013-08-22 00:51:48 UTC (releng/9.1, 9.1-RELEASE-p6)
 >For general information regarding FreeBSD Errata Notices and Security
 >Advisories, including descriptions of the fields above, security
 >branches, and the following sections, please visit
 >I.   Background
 >The mfi(4) driver supports LSI's next generation PCI Express SAS RAID
 >controllers.  The driver supports JBOD attachment through /dev/mfisyspd?
 >device nodes.
 >Logical block addressing (LBA) is a common scheme used for specifying the
 >location of sectors on hard drives.
 >II.  Problem Description
 >The way mfi(4) implements access of "syspd" or also known as JBOD always
 >uses READ10/WRITE10 commands for underlying disk.  When writing over 2^32
 >sectors, the LBA would wrap and starts writing at the beginning of the
 >III. Impact
 >Writing beyond 2TB to mfi(4) connected JBODs would result in data corruption.
 >IV.  Workaround
 >No workaround is available, but systems that do not use mfi(4) as a JBOD
 >HBA or do not have disks with 2^32 or more sectors (2^41 or more bytes with
 >512-byte logical sector size) are not affected.
 >V.   Solution
 >Perform one of the following:
 >1) Upgrade your system to a supported FreeBSD stable or release / security
 >branch (releng) dated after the correction date.
 >2) To update your present system via a source code patch:
 >The following patches have been verified to apply to the applicable
 >FreeBSD release branches.
 >a) Download the relevant patch from the location below, and verify the
 >detached PGP signature using your PGP utility.
 ># fetch http://security.FreeBSD.org/patches/EN-13:03/mfi.patch
 ># fetch http://security.FreeBSD.org/patches/EN-13:03/mfi.patch.asc
 ># gpg --verify mfi.patch.asc
 >b) Apply the patch.
 ># cd /usr/src
 ># patch < /path/to/patch
 >c) Recompile your kernel as described in
 ><URL:http://www.FreeBSD.org/handbook/kernelconfig.html> and reboot the
 >3) To update your system via a binary patch:
 >Systems running a RELEASE version of FreeBSD on the i386 or amd64
 >platforms can be updated via the freebsd-update(8) utility:
 ># freebsd-update fetch
 ># freebsd-update install
 >VI.  Correction details
 >The following list contains the revision numbers of each file that was
 >corrected in FreeBSD.
 >Branch/path                                                      Revision
 >- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 >stable/9/                                                         r243824
 >releng/9.1/                                                       r254631
 >- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 >VII. References
 >The latest revision of this Errata Notice is available at
 >Version: GnuPG v2.0.21 (FreeBSD)
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