Looking for driver help

Lars Engels lars.engels at 0x20.net
Wed Sep 11 12:12:42 UTC 2013

Am 11.09.2013 12:09, schrieb Ryan McIntosh:
> Yeah this is the same conclusion I came to in essence of anything 
> existing.
> I'm going to hit up the freebsd-drivers list however and see where I 
> end up
> after that. The cards might wind up in the garbage can or sold off 
> cheap
> unfortunately if I can't get them functional with FreeBSD, which is 
> pretty
> sad for a bunch of dual 10g cards. Thanks for the effort though, I do
> appreciate it.

You can also donate it to FreeBSD, maybe you can find a developer who 
write the driver but doesn't have the hardware.

If you like to, drop a mail to donations@


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