Some PR never seen to delete

Sebastian Kuzminsky S.Kuzminsky at
Tue Sep 3 16:50:20 UTC 2013

On Aug 30, 2013, at 09:31 , David Demelier wrote:

> In the past I've sent some PR that has never been seen, I think we
> should close them now.
> 2010/09/16 kern/150628 [acd] [ata] burncd(1) can't write to optical drive
> 2010/07/14 ports/148591 x11 information note for x11-drivers/xf86-input-synaptic
> 2010/12/01 kern/152750 wireless[ath] ath0 lot of bad series hwrate
> 2010/12/12 bin/153052 [patch] watch(8) breaks tty on error
> 2011/01/25 ports/154288 glewis[patch] games/nethack*: remove old ports
> and cleanup latest
> 2011/02/07 kern/154567 wireless[ath] ath(4) lot of bad series(0)
> 2011/07/01 conf/158557rc [patch] /etc/rc.d/pf broken messages
> 2012/11/05 kern/173408 acpi[acpi] [regression] ACPI Regression:
> battery does not update often
> 2012/11/22 kern/173840 snd_hda(4) volume mixer not working anymore
> 2012/11/24 kern/173896 Kernel does not boot if splash loaded and
> set
> 2012/12/23 ports/174650 xfcex11-wm/xfce4 crash with
> exaGetPixmapFirstPixel called for invalid bpp 1
> 2012/12/28 kern/174766 acpi[acpi] Random acpi panic
> 2013/01/31 kern/175722 wireless[ath]lot of bad seriesx hwrate in kernel messages
> Some are still valid but will never been taken so I propose to close them.

I believe this one is fixed, but the PR is still open:

kern/173004: [netinet] [patch] Incorrect IP checksums when forwarding results in fragmentation

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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