Lost CAM Access to DVD Writer

Thomas Laus lausts at acm.org
Sun Sep 1 23:54:04 UTC 2013


> >> :-( Unable to CAMGETPASSTHRU for /dev/cd0 Inappropriate ioctl for 
> Could someone else try to make a 'dump to DVD' backup [...]
> /sbin/dump -0u  -L -C16 -B4589840 -P 'growisofs -Z /dev/cd0=/dev/fd/0' /u

A test with less disk load would be to write e.g. 100 MB of zeros
to e.g. DVD+RW media (in order to reduce waste):

  dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=100 | growisofs -Z /dev/cd0=/dev/fd/0

I got the same result and error message as I did when trying to dump the file 
system on all of the computers that use ATA for disk access.  On the one PC 
that uses AHCI, it was able to write to the DVD.


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