9.2-RC3 - suspend/resume causes slow system performance

Mike Harding mvharding at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 23:13:16 UTC 2013

This would be a 'strange story' if I had not tracked this down.  The disk
works, only much slower
than normal.  I only noticed it because I was doing a buildworld.  There is
no crash, no dmesg,
no console logs.

I'll ask again, why change that line?  Did you feel that the original
author of the code had made a
mistake?  The code in question is from Oct. 2005.  Also why move the check
for the HT in front
of the check for the disabled idle?

The only change that affects my system is that idle is enabled in a code
path that should only
be run when idle is disabled.  I don't know the larger context but I also
don't know why the code
was changed.  It looks like the intent of the code has been changed ("don't
suspend if this
flag is set") and I don't know what benefit this provides.  The code path
seems to only be
run during startup, shutdown and wake from sleep.

Contact me via email and I'll set up remote access.  This is a personal
machine so this is a bit

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