Graphical console in stable/10 stuck on heavy writing

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Mon Dec 23 05:29:59 UTC 2013

I see this when the kernel is outputting debugging .. the console can
quickly lock up exactly how you describe. I've never figured out why
though. :(


On 22 December 2013 16:47, Mark Martinec <Mark.Martinec+freebsd at> wrote:
> FreeBSD amd64, recent stable/10:
> When running some task on a graphical console window
> and that task writes lots of output to a console, the
> console gets stuck after some time (like 20 minutes),
> output stops, keyboard appears unresponsive, alt-ctrl-Fn
> is unable to switch consoles - but the machine seems
> otherwise sane: I can log in over ssh, file system and
> processes are healthy, CPU not busy.
> This was first noticed trying to rebuild kde from
> ports in a console window. Same happened when bulk
> updating packages from a remote site and the pkg update
> was busily writing its output to a console.
> The same heavy tasks (e.g. ports rebuild) can run
> just fine in an ssh session, or in a konsole / xterm.
> As a final proof, I tried a perl one-liner which
> writes a line (a count and some text) ten times per
> second: it manages to screw up the console window
> in about 6 minutes.
> Interestingly, while the console output is stuck
> and I blindly type a command on a keyboard (no echo),
> then run a shutdown from another (ssh) session,
> the console output gets unstuck during shutdown,
> rapidly displays the missing lines, including the
> echo of a command typed blindly previously, along
> with its output.
> Btw, this never happened on this machine while it was
> running 9.2 or older versions.
> Anybody seen this or can reproduce it?
>   Mark
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