/usr/src over NFS: buildworld fail

Jeremy Chadwick jdc at koitsu.org
Mon Apr 29 23:51:34 UTC 2013

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 09:42:06PM +0300, Andrew Romanenko wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> /usr/src imported via NFS
> make buildworld is always fails in the same place with error: "make: result too large".
> Localy its works fine
> Does anybody know how to fix it?
> i386 FreeBSD 9-STABLE (r250044)

Actual output would have been more useful than a paraphrased response.
The same goes for actual NFS server and client details (OS, backing
filesystems, make.conf, src.conf, rc.conf, loader.conf, sysctl.conf,

"Result too large" is error ERANGE (see /usr/include/errno.h), errno 34,
assuming that it has a capital "R" ("Result", not "result").

I see no cases in src/usr.bin/make/* where ERANGE or errno 34 is
returned directly.

I do not believe NFS returns ERANGE either.

There may be cases where the backing filesystem (i.e. the filesystem
used on the NFS server) could return ERANGE.  I know ZFS does, but only
in one specific case (only if the compression property is enabled).
I do see some other cases in the ZFS code pertaining to UTF-8 support
that can return ERANGE but did not look at what those cases may be.

You may end up having to do the following:

rm -fr /usr/obj/*
cd /usr/src
ktrace -t+ -f /tmp/ktrace.out make buildworld
{wait until the failure}
cd /tmp

Then look to see what syscall/operation returns this.  You may have to
put this file up on the web somewhere (it should gzip quite well), and
be aware there may be personal information in it (environment variables,
contents of files, etc.), so choose wisely.

Good luck.

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