[UART] GPS 18-5Hz LVC and COM1 silence, OK on Linux though...

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at gsoft.com.au
Sun Apr 28 22:37:12 UTC 2013

On 29/04/2013, at 3:18, Igor Mozolevsky <igor at hybrid-lab.co.uk> wrote:
> I'm having issues connecting Garmin GPS 18 to COM1 on 9.1, I get
> nothing but silence. Identical setup works absolutely fine with Linux.
> I've got PPS wire connected to DCD, but that seems to make no
> difference on Linux, so I presume it shouldn't affect fbsd either.
> # cu -l /dev/cuau0 -s 4800
> Connected
> and after the 'Connected' there is just silence (should be getting
> $GPGLL every 200ms from the GPS unit)...

Do you have any other serial ports?
They may be probed in a different order between the 2 OSs.

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