ada(4) and ahci(4) quirk printing

Łukasz Wąsikowski lukasz at
Tue Apr 23 23:58:40 UTC 2013

W dniu 2013-04-23 18:33, Adrian Chadd pisze:

> .. are we really debating this?
> Stop calling them quirks. That sounds like something that won't mess
> up your actual runtime. It's not giving them enough "weight". They're
> more "device behaviours" or "device flags" or something. Print them
> out like that. I think that _not_ printing them out at boot time is
> insane. Doubly so if it could cause issues before you can actually run
> commands.
> So if it were me, I'd print out the device quirks like we print out
> CPU flags. Ie, all the time.

I also think that boot verbose is not good place to show this
information. I don't use boot verbose unless I have serious boot
problems and for sure I'd like to always know if any of my HDDs/SSDs
uses those quirks.

best regards,
Lukasz Wasikowski

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