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   ATTENTION: This is best accomplished with an offer the consumer has
   never seen before.

   INTEREST: Focus on the emotional hook in your health club marketing
   campaign that will create interest and make the consumer want to buy
   your health club products and your health club services.

   DESIRE: Consumers buy health club products and health club services for
   emotional reasons not logical reasons.

   ACTION: Make sure your health club marketing has a definitive call to
   action as to why the consumer must take action today.

   Click on the link below to learn about MMC®'s CASH promotion and how we
     have raised $250,000 in immediate cash and added more than 500 new
             members, in just 45 days for numerous Health Clubs.


   MMC®'s site has free videos on how to increase revenue (immediate cash,
     monthly receivables and member retention), capture the difficult to
     reach market, engage the de-conditioned and the health and fitness
      conscience prospect, increase revenue in your profit centers e.g.
   pro-shop, food and beverage, guest fees, personal training and so much
                           more, absolutely free.

   "I would like to express my appreciation to MMC and all the staff. As a
   Health Club owner for twenty years, and operating one of the largest
   Gold's Gym, I did have some initial reservations regarding your Company
   and the amount of revenue that you indicated were possible with your
   promotion. I am happy to say that the promotion was a great success and
   also that the revenues you predicted were very accurate. We were able
   to add an additional 1200 plus members in a short time. Impact upon the
   current members was very minimal."

   Gold's Gym and Racquet club

   Randy Musloki


   "The MMC program not only assisted with putting cash in hand but also
   afforded our staff new insight into sales and membership techniques
   that will be useful well past the end of the program."

   Yorktown Racquet, Fitness and Sport Complex

   Joseph D. Glitz


   Dear Chuck,

   We have seven hundred (700) new members, money in the bank and a staff
   that can't wait until the next promotion. I just wanted to take a
   moment to personally thank you and let you know just how satisfied we
   were with MMC and you.

   North Shore Athletic Club

   JoAnn C. Ribaudo


   Dear Chuck,

   I wanted to write you and let you know how satisfied we were with you
   and Mulligan Marketing. What great couple of months it has been at the

   Now only did your company deliver a "turn-key" promotion, the entire
   campaign was run with little or no effort on my part, which allowed me
   to concentrate on my day to day business of running the club.

   The promotion raised almost $400,000, nearly twice what we projected.
   In addition, not only did your on-site training have an immediate
   impact on my sales staff, the techniques you taught them and the
   materials that you distributed will benefit them for the long term.
   Your professionalism and enthusiasm throughout the campaign has truly
   made it a pleasurable experience. It is refreshing to work with someone
   as honest as you who truly deliver results.

   The Auburn Club

   Jennifer Nabbo

   Wishing you good health and prosperity,

   Chuck Thompson



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   co-op marketing partners, etc.

   We have never done e-marketing over the past twenty plus years because
   we never offered anything of value on our site (with the exception of
   product information), until now. We are simply making an attempt to
   connect and re-connect with our clients, prospects and associates of
   past and present and make them aware of our new educational site and

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