gnutls compile issues

Dimitry Andric dim at
Sat Apr 13 11:52:41 UTC 2013

On Apr 13, 2013, at 03:15, dparussalla at wrote:
> I am having issues compiling gnutls-2.12.23 on Freebsd 6.4 stable
> platform. Please find the following errors.
> Any help much appropriated.
> checking whether <wchar.h> uses 'inline' correctly... no
> configure: error: <wchar.h> cannot be used with this compiler (cc
> -std=gnu99 -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -I/usr/local/include/p11-kit-1  
> -I/usr/local/include -fPIC -D_THREAD_SAFE).
> This is a known interoperability problem of glibc <= 2.5 with gcc >= 4.3 in
> C99 mode. You have four options:
>  - Add the flag -fgnu89-inline to CC and reconfigure, or
>  - Fix your include files, using parts of
>    <;a=commitdiff;h=b037a293a48718af30d706c2e18c929d0e69a621>,
> or
>  - Use a gcc version older than 4.3, or
>  - Don't use the flags -std=c99 or -std=gnu99.

Let me start by saying 6.4 is totally unsupported, but you are most
likely aware of that. :-)

That said, I don't think 6.4 already had complete C99 support, so this
is probably why the configure script fails.  You can see the script
itself gives you a few hints for a workaround.  Since 6.4 is already
using a gcc version older than 4.3, and the "fix your include files"
hint is only valid for glibc, the best option is to make sure -std=c99
or -std=gnu99 is *not* used.

For example, if you are building this manually, try setting
ac_cv_prog_cc_c99=no in configure's environment, like so:

  ac_cv_prog_cc_c99=no ./configure

If you are building this from the port, try adding a line:

  CONFIGURE_ENV+= ac_cv_prog_cc_c99=no

in the port's Makefile.

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