kern/165903: mbuf leak

Chris Forgeron cforgeron at
Wed Apr 10 23:44:36 UTC 2013


 I've updated the PR on this via bug track email (hopefully, it bounced my first email) , but I thought I should bring it to the attention of the list as it's still happening, and the original PR was from March 2012.

 The PR is here:

 I am experiencing the same mbuf leak on fresh 9.1-RELEASE machines (AMD64). Most of my machines are ESXi 5.1 VM's running the e1000 (em0) NIC. This VM is stock, just one freebsd-update done, nothing custom.

 I have also experienced this condition on an older 9.0-STABLE from Jul 1st 2012. I did not notice it much before that date, but I can't tell for sure. I have a few machines on that build that I still use, so confirmation was easy.

 I do not experience the error if I load up vmware tools and use the vmx3f0 adapter, it's just with em0.

 I have set the mbufs to very high numbers (322144) to buy more time between lockups/crashes. Most often the systems stay functional, they just need a reboot or more mbufs if I add them. Some times they lock up or crash as I ifconfig down/up the adapter or attempt to add more mbufs via sysctl.

 1) Is anyone else able to reproduce this problem? The PR is still open, which says to me not all of us can be having this problem or there would be more drive to fix.
 2) What do I need to help with to advance this problem? It's not just my systems, as evidenced by the original poster of the PR.


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