svn - but smaller?

Patrick M. Hausen hausen at
Tue Apr 9 15:15:28 UTC 2013

Hi, all,

first a big big thank you to John an all others involved for all the work.

A bit more slowly than cvsup but definitely a lot more convenient than
using plain subversion. Part of the slow performance may be due to the
fact that there is no local German svn mirror, yet. I'll try with my own mirror
in a couple of days.

I immediately asked myself: how can I set this up so I can use "make update"
like I'm used to? SVN_UPDATE looks for a .svn directory, so it cannot work with

Here's how:

root at gordon:/ # cat /etc/make.conf 
SUP=				/usr/local/bin/svnup
SUPFILE=			-b base/stable/9 -l /usr/src
PORTSSUPFILE=	-b base/head -l /usr/ports

OK, this gives a big warning banner and it's an abuse of a mechanism intended
for another utility … but it works nonetheless ;-)

I therefore propose an extension to /usr/src/Makefile.inc1 like this:

.if defined(SVNUP_UPDATE)
        @echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
        @echo ">>> Running ${SVNUP}"
        @echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
.if defined(SVNUPFLAGS)

Just a rough sketch - I can put more thought into this if nobody else is already
working on it.

Best regards,
Patrick M. Hausen
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