Ghosted logins in w/who

damonray at damonray at
Tue Apr 9 02:27:05 UTC 2013

I recently upgraded to FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE, and there was a strange
added side effect.
Users that telnet into the machine seem to have their logins forever
ghosted in who/w.
If a user connects via telnet, then logs out, their login still
remains in the w/who. If another user logins in with the pty they had,
whatever they do also shows up in the ghosted w/who of the previous
user using that pty.
For example:
User X logs in, runs BitchX. Detaches the process and logs out.User Y
logs in, gets assigned User X's previous pty, who/w now reports that
user is running BitchX. That user has no access to the BitchX session
or anything, it's just being displayed weird in who/w.
I seem to remember this problem like a decade ago and I had written a
script or there was a script that passed around called clearlogin.
Any ideas? Thanks all!Damon

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