panic: vm_fault_copy_wired: page missing

Andriy Gapon avg at
Sat Apr 6 18:22:53 UTC 2013

on 05/04/2013 12:33 Daniel Braniss said the following:
> The system is running FreeBSD-9.1-stable, and is dataless/diskless.
> the culprit is mlockall(2) which is called from the automounter amd/am-utils,
> commenting the call, eliminates the panic.
> I don't know when the problem surfaced, I was last hit by this
> 2 years ago almost to the day - creepy.
> I can make this happen by first running firefox, and the trying some
> command that involves the automounter.
> so is someone interested in fixing this?

So, is there someone interested in properly reporting the problem first?

Andriy Gapon

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