page fault on verbose boot

Andreas Longwitz longwitz at
Fri Nov 30 23:50:23 UTC 2012


>> ioapic1: routing intpin 15 (PCI IRQ 31) to lapic 0 vector 54
>> kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled
> [snip]
>> db> bt
>> Tracing pid 0 tid 100000 td 0xc0a35350
>> intr_execute_handlers(0,c1020cb4,3,c1020cf8,c08e4625,...) at
>> intr_execute_handlers+0x15
>> lapic_handle_intr(36,c1020cb4) at lapic_handle_intr+0x4c
>> Xapic_isr1() at Xapic_isr1+0x35
>> --- interrupt, eip = 0xc08ee8fb, esp = 0xc1020cf4, ebp = 0xc1020cf8 ---
>> spinlock_exit(c09a1e2e,0,36,3,c1020d38,...) at spinlock_exit+0x2b
>> ioapic_assign_cpu(c4d1565c,0,0,0,c08f3d29,...) at ioapic_assign_cpu+0x2b0
>> intr_shuffle_irqs(0,101ec00,101ec00,101e000,1025000,...) at
>> intr_shuffle_irqs+0xba
>> mi_startup() at mi_startup+0xac
>> begin() at begin+0x2c
> Thank you for all the additional information, which proved to be very useful.
> Something struck me now that I didn't realize before: your BSP has APIC ID of 3
> while the other CPU has ID of zero.  So, lapic3 is the BSP's lapic and lapic0 is
> the other one.
> Hence, it looks like IRQ31 (a signal on pin 15 of ioapic1) was delivered to a new
> vector of 54 (as opposed to vector 48) but to the old LAPIC/CPU 3 (as opposed to
> newly configured lapic0).
> So it looks like that the interrupt was handled at IO-APIC in the middle of pin
> reconfiguration.
> Looking at the code in ioapic_program_intpin() this seems to be possible indeed:
> /* Write the values to the APIC. */
> intpin->io_lowreg = low;
> ioapic_write(io->io_addr, IOAPIC_REDTBL_LO(intpin->io_intpin), low);
> The line above reprograms vector number AND _unmasks_ the pin (which was
> specifically masked before reprogramming in ioapic_assign_cpu).
> The lines below reprogram the destination LAPIC/CPU:
> value = ioapic_read(io->io_addr, IOAPIC_REDTBL_HI(intpin->io_intpin));
> value &= ~IOART_DEST;
> value |= high;
> ioapic_write(io->io_addr, IOAPIC_REDTBL_HI(intpin->io_intpin), value);
> So a pending interrupt would be happily delivered to a wrong destination (new
> vector + old lapic).

> I am not sure if just swapping these two blocks of lines would fix the issue, but
> I hope that it would.  Could you please try that?

Yes I did and the first bootverbose run with your block switching patch
was ok. I will do some more expansive tests next week.

Andreas Longwitz

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