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On 11/26/12 22:20, Bas Smeelen wrote:
> On 11/26/12 22:02, Doug Hardie wrote:
>> On 26 November 2012, at 12:53, Bas Smeelen wrote:
>>> On 11/26/12 21:27, Bas Smeelen wrote:
>>>> On 11/26/12 17:25, Jakub Lach wrote:
>>>>> Thanks!
>>>>> Regarding FAQ, some info about journalling should  be added to
>>>>> "Chapter 9 Disks, File Systems, and Boot Loaders", especially now,
>>>>> when SU+J is default.
>>> Please also add:
>>> SU+J does not work (yet) with dump on a live filesystem i.e. use 
>>> snapshot.
>>> If you want to use snapshot (dump -L) then disable the soft updates 
>>> journal for that filesystem
>> It would be helpful to include information on how to do that during 
>> install (still trying to figure that out myself), and using the 
>> recover CD for when you forget to do it during install.
> Right now, when installing a new system it's easiest to reboot to 
> single user mode after the install and tunefs -j disable 'the 
> filesystems' to disable journaling of soft updates.

When changing the root ( / ) filesystem in single user mode, reboot 
immediately after disabling the soft updates journal otherwise it will 
still be enabled. No need for a rescue cd/usb here.

> If you want to accomplish this during the install, choose shell at the 
> disk partitioning part and add slices and/or partitions with gpart and 
> then newfs them with the appropriate options, then mount them on /mnt 
> and the appropriate places beneath and continue the install by 
> quitting the shell.
> There are some nice entries on
> Just substitute the ZFS stuff with the easier gpart and then newfs -U 
> etc... then make sure the filesystems are mounted under /mnt and 
> continue the installation.
> I hope that I will not confuse you too much with the proposed solution 
> i.e. use these resources as a guideline. Else see reboot to single 
> user mode after install above and tunefs
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