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Fri Nov 23 09:25:05 UTC 2012

Am 19.11.2012 21:07, schrieb Aldis Berjoza:
> 19.11.2012, 22:04, "Andrea Venturoli" <ml at>:
>> On 11/19/12 18:44, Eitan Adler wrote:
>>>  Hey all,
>>>  The FAQ for FreeBSD needs a significant amount of updating and
>>>  changing.  The first step in that process is to figure out what 
>>> needs
>>>  to be changed.
>>>  If you can a take a moment and thoroughly review just one
>>>  question and add your comments and concerns it
>>>  would be immensely helpful.
>> Under: removable-drives
>> Would it be worth mentioning no /dev/xxxs1 is created when the 
>> device is
>> plugged in after boot?
>> E.G. 1:
>> I have a Zip Drive which is /dev/da1.
>> Everything is fine if a disk is in when I boot, but if I insert the
>> media after boot, /dev/da1s1 is not there.
>> I need to "mount /dev/da1 /mnt": this also fails, but now I have
>> /dev/da1s1 and can mount it.
>> E.G. 2:
>> I connect my Android phone with an USB cable: it will be /dev/da7.
>> Again I have no /dev/da7s1 until I "dd count=0 if=/dev/random 
>> of=/dev/da7".
>> Same happens with CompactFlash, MMC, SD, etc...
> That doesn't sound normal. I only had similar problems with
> Klingston DataTraveler flash (it had some crap firmware)

I've seen that on almost every USB MP3 player, Android mobile phones 
and on other USB devices that export an internal memory card.

Much shorter than dd ... is this:
: > /dev/da0

But it would be really really really great if someone(TM) would fix it, 
so the workaround is no longer needed...

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