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2012/11/23 Beeblebrox <zaphod at>:
> 9.1-PRERELEASE #2 r242867: When will buildworld + clang + ccache be
> functional?
> I think I read somewhere that buildworld + clang - ccache was working fine
> now. Any info on date ccache will work with clang and when to try?

Can't comment on this.

> Also, clang users - do you see any speed advantage for kernel / world /
> ports built with clang?

It's not really noticeable but some benchmarks were published on the
lists (maybe current@ ?) some days / a few weeks ago, and I remember
that buildworld is ~= 10% faster with a clang-compiled kernel + world
than with a stock (old 4.2) gcc-compiled kernel+world. I'm not
speaking of the compiler speed but really the speed of the same build
when run under a clang- or a gcc-compiled base system.


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