natd in a jail

Morgan Reed morgan.s.reed at
Thu Nov 22 11:42:57 UTC 2012

On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 10:32 PM, Teske, Devin
<Devin.Teske at> wrote:
> I have created a boot script for managing vimages (downloadable as a FreeBSD package) and made a little write-up on how to use it...

As noted elsewhere, these are VIMAGE jails, but I'm managing them
manually with a spaghetti script at the moment (just proof-of-concept
at this point), I'll have a look at the script, might make my life

> Note that I use netgraph for bridging (not if_bridge+epair method which seems to be popular in some other setups -- we've benchmarked netgraph and it scales well). Not to mention that "ngctl dot | dot -Tsvg -o network.svg" can produce nice pretty graphs of your vimage structure when using my setup.

Hmmm, I've not done anything with netgraph before, I'll have a look
into it, if it is an issue of the appropriate interfaces not being
exposed to natd from the epair/bridge setup that might be an alternate
solution, not hugely concerned about scale, it'll pretty much only be
my traffic that gets routed this way, but I am interested in making it
as efficient as possible (no sense adding additional latency
unnecessarily when one already has the tunnel latency to deal with).



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