Increasing the DMESG buffer....

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Thu Nov 22 00:59:44 UTC 2012

On 2012-11-21 21:08, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> .. because some of us like kernel behaviour to be predictable and
> controllable, rather than 'just be dynamic here, what could possibly
> go wrong.'
> Just bump the default kernel buffer size up to 64k and leave it
> hard-coded like that. Us embedded people can drop that down to
> something smaller.
> There. Problem solved, right?

My first ever self build system was a Z80 which started at 2Kbyte EPROM
and 2K RAM. which was huge at that time. (1980's)
Later I made bankswitch to have some 32K ROM and 2* 32K RAM. Boy was
that a lot of space.

The first ever FreeBSD I/we ran, was 1.0(.2??) on a lowly i486 with 16Mb
of memory, with a 16 port serialcard with 14k4 modems.
It ran Bnews with a full feed on 2 1.6Gb disks...
Was mail server for > 1000 customers.
It ran slip for IP access...

So sure I understand where we are coming from.

And I'm still tinkering in removing bloat that I will not ever use, even
though my home server has 35T of storage. :)

But hen still I agree with Ronald that we need to cater for the mass,
which means we keep in mind what just about most everybody is running.
And that is certainly not embedded with 16Mb NOR and 32Mb RAM.

But then again I do appreciate you setting me straight on that waste is
never a good thing.


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