Increasing the DMESG buffer....

Ronald Klop ronald-freebsd8 at
Wed Nov 21 19:37:48 UTC 2012

On Wed, 21 Nov 2012 19:41:42 +0100, Torfinn Ingolfsen  
<torfinn.ingolfsen at> wrote:

> On Wed, 21 Nov 2012 18:25:22 +0100
> Willem Jan Withagen <wjw at> wrote:
>> Why bother...
> Because FreeBSD also runs on hardware with minimal memory?
yes, but defaults should be for the masses and it is tunable for the rest

> Because FreeBSD is a stable, sane operating system and we want to keep  
> it that way?
yes, but how does an increased buffer bring instability? You can use your  
argument for every commit.

> Because it breaks POLA?

> Because it make developers act sloppy?
How do you go from increasing a buffer to hold all the data which solves a  
practical problem to people being sloppy?

> I'm sorry (I'm not picking on you in particular, but this comment  
> represents a growing trend in attitude), but more and more people today  
> are becoming careless in the way they think (or not think).
> I do not want FreeBSD to suffer because of that.
> If you are a FreeBSD developer or user; be vigilant! Don't let the  
> sloppyness silnently slip into or favorite operating system, or the way  
> we handle it!
> </soapbox>

IMHO these arguments are more about general feelings than actual to the  
point remarks.

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