Node conflicts in SVN

Tom Evans at
Wed Nov 21 11:04:42 UTC 2012

On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 8:44 AM, Frank Seltzer <frank_s at> wrote:
> Following that with 'grep -A1 C\ stat' shows 217 lines similar to these:
> D     C accessibility
>       >   local unversioned, incoming add upon update

This says that svn has an entry for a file/directory named
'accessibility', but that a file/directory named 'accessibility'
already exists on disk, and did not come from a svn checkout - ie,
'accessibility' is in /usr/ports/.svn/entries, but there is no
/usr/ports/accessibility/.svn .
When you do an 'svn up' now, there is a conflict - an unversioned
resource is in the way of checking out a versioned resource, and the
unversioned one should be deleted, so this is why it says "D" and "C".

Something has trashed your ports tree, re-check it out.

You were pretty adamant that you didn't check out ports over an
existing tree, which would explain this, I wonder what else it could
be. Do you (or did you) run portsnap? I wonder if that could trash a
working copy like this.



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