mfi panic on recused on non-recusive mutex MFI I/O lock

Doug Ambrisko ambrisko at
Fri Nov 9 17:25:09 UTC 2012

On Fri, Nov 09, 2012 at 05:06:03PM -0000, Steven Hartland wrote:
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| From: "Steven Hartland"
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| >I've just had another panic, trace below, but it doesn't seem to be related
| >to my changes so I'd appreciate your feedback on them as they are for now.
| >
| >While the lock patch fixes the problems I've seen, its not clear to me
| >why mfi_tbolt_reset is acquiring the lock and hence requiring
| >mfi_process_fw_state_chg_isr to jump through hoops to ensure locking
| >around queue manipulation is done correctly. Given what its doing
| >(resetting the entire adapter) I wouldn't be surprised if it should
| >really be acquiring the config lock.
| >
| >Other things I've noticed / questions
| >* Should mfi_abort sleep even if its call to mfi_mapcmd fails?
| >* Should mfi_get_controller_info really ignore the error from mfi_mapcmd?
| >* Do these controllers not support none 512 byte requests? Currently
| >all syspd requests are done assuming 512 byte sectors which the disk may
| >not be. This will both reduce performance or potentially break totally
| >if the firmware isn't translating it under the surface correctly.
| >
| >Anyway the new panic manually transcribed is:-
| >panic: Bad linx elm 0xffffff0069b0fc0 next->prev != elm
| >...
| >mfi_tbolt_get_cmd()
| >mfi_build_mpt_pass_thru()
| >mfi_tbolt_build_mpt_cmd()
| >mfi_tbolt_send_frame()
| >bus_dmamap_load()
| >mfi_mapcmd()
| >mfi_startio()
| >mfi_syspd_strategy()
| >g_disk_start()
| >g_io_schedule_down()
| >g_down_proc_body()
| >fork_exit()
| >fork_trampoline()
| >
| >Looks like mfi_cmd_tbolt_tqh has become corrupt some how, but as far as I
| >can tell all manip is done using the TAILQ macros and under mfi_io_lock
| >so its not obvious to me at this time why this is, any ideas?
| I've gone through looking for the possible cause of this and while there's
| nothing directly connected to the manip of this queue I've found and fixed
| quite a large number of additional problems which may have been indirectly
| causing this problem.
| The biggest change is to use mfi_max_cmds to limit the value stored in
| sc->mfi_max_fw_cmds as this is used extensively throughout the driver
| for allocation and range checks so having this inconsitently set opened up
| a large number of possible overrun errors.
| The new patch attached documents all the changes in detail.
| I've managed to do one test run so far which failed to reproduce any panics,
| so definitely moving in the right direction :)
| The machine has now been collected for repair by the supplier but I'm going
| to try and get them to put it online for more testing over the weekend.
| Given the failure rate so far if I can do another 4 runs with no panics I'd
| be happy that the majority of error conditions are working as expected.

Sounds like you have made some good progress.  I looked at your prior locking
change and they good.  Haven't had time to go through the queue changes


Doug A.

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