dc(1) fails with "big number failure" on 2^64

Michiel Boland boland37 at xs4all.nl
Thu Nov 8 18:32:40 UTC 2012

On 11/08/2012 03:06, Jan Mikkelsen wrote:
> Hi,
> I am seeing this in dc:
> janm at gray: dc $ dc
> 18446744073709551616 18446744073709551616 / ps
> dc: big number failure 306b06b: No such file or directory
> That number is 2^64. The error is coming from BN_check in bdiv(), which is complaining about the number at the top of the stack being uninitialised. Looking at the data, after the second pop in bdiv() in bdata.c, b->number->d[b->number->top - 1] == 0. After a while poking around in a debugger, it looks like the first word of the second number (a->number->d) is being allocated at the same location as the last word of the second number, it gets zeroed, and then looks uninitialised.
> All of this seems to be happening in the BN_* routines in openssl.
> I am seeing this on my builds for 9.1-RC3 and 9.0-p3, as well as the CDROM shell on the 9.1-RC3 ISO, so I'm pretty sure it isn't my build process or compiler flags. I have checked an OpenBSD 5.2 installation, and it works fine.
> Can anyone confirm this? Am I just seeing things? Is there an obvious fix?

No fix, but I see a problem in the BN_add_word function in

         /* Only expand (and risk failing) if it's possibly necessary */
         if (((BN_ULONG)(a->d[a->top - 1] + 1) == 0) &&
                         (bn_wexpand(a,a->top+1) == NULL))

This can't possibly work, since it never calls bn_wexpand if, for example, you 
add 6 to the number 18446744073709551610


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