Questions about amd automounter

Christian Corti corticn at
Tue Nov 6 15:18:10 UTC 2012


I am running FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE-p4 on an AMD64 box. I am playing with the 
amd automounter and am looking for a solution of the following problem:
I would like to have a /home map similar to autofs that has both local and 
NIS entries. With autofs (Solaris, Linux etc.) I can say in /etc/auto.home:

testuser	server:/export/home/testuser

How can I accomplish somethink similar with amd? Note that I can't put the 
testuser in the NIS map.

Next, while testing different configurations I created a map with SUN 
syntax (described in the am-utils manual), but apparently the FreeBSD 
version of amd doesn't support it (there's clearly a lack of 
documentation and examples of _real-world_ scenarios):

Here's the section of amd.conf:
[ /xx ]
sun_map_syntax = yes
map_type = file
map_name = /etc/amd.xx

But that doesn't work:

# /usr/sbin/amd -p -F /etc/amd.conf
conf: unknown regular key "sun_map_syntax" for section "/xx"
AMDCONF: syntax error on line 30 (section /xx)

Am I doing something wrong?
This is from the am-utils doc:
"To enable Sun-style maps in Amd, set "sun_map_syntax = yes" in your 
amd.conf file.  When this flag is set in [global], all maps read by Amd 
are assumed to be Sun style maps.  You can set this on a per map basis, 
thus mixing Sun-style and Amd-style maps.  For more information about 
amd.conf please see the Amd documentation."


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