wine, gcc and clang with CPUTYPE

Howard Goldstein hg at
Mon Nov 5 16:50:04 UTC 2012

On 11/05/2012 11:32, Volodymyr Kostyrko wrote:
> 05.11.2012 17:47, Howard Goldstein wrote:
>> Volodymyr, your initial email in this thread regarding clang's being
>> stuck on native code generation allowed me to wrap up a week of fighting
>> with an updated production box with a weird wine issue - thank you!
>> FWIW I filed a pr on this.  You've done much more useful legwork towards
>> a solution of the problem and I wanted to point it out to everyone how
>> helpful it was.  THANK YOU!
>> The pr is at
> I'm still unsure of my results though. I can't reproduce gcc core dump
> anymore. I think it's shadowed by some later fix.
> As for wine my results are not complete:
> 1. Building a world with CPUTYPE=athlon-tbird on a world built with
> CPUTYPE=k6 makes wine work.
> 2. Building a world with CPUTYPE=athlon-tbird on a world built with
> CPUTYPE=athlon-xp makes wine fail.

Like the other poster I'm not familiar with the amd world but if the
host you built on didn't support the same instruction set as the target
I suspect you see the same weirdness.

For what it's worth wine never dumped .core for me (background: i386,
world and kern built with clang to CPUTYPE?=pentium4, then world and
ports built with old gcc 4.2 also targeting pentium4, then finally
kernel build with old gcc 4.2 is what fixed it.  For me winedbg never
got far enough in starting up the simplest wine (winecfg) to debug which
was a great clue but it didn't sink in until I found your post.  I
failed to try building wine with symbols so I didn't have a meaningful
gdb session.

In my eyes you are "da man" as it was a terrible week getting the box
back into use until I encountered your list post.  Save my email if
you're ever in southwest Florida, US because I owe you a couple of
brewskis or whatever you prefer.

The box is now on its way back to the law office.

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