SU+J on 9.1-RC2 ISO

Adam Strohl adams-freebsd at
Fri Nov 2 17:05:07 UTC 2012

On 11/2/2012 23:47, Bas Smeelen wrote:
> Hi
> Why are journaled soft updates the default when installing a new system
> from a 9.1-RC2 ISO?
> I admit I did not pay too much attention when installing a new system
> from an 9.1-RC2 ISO and found out when taking a snapshot with dump (dump
> -0Lauf) to clone the system. Other systems (9-STABLE, 9.1-RC2 and
> 9.1-RC3) have been upgraded from 8.X-RELEASE and earlier, so there are
> no journaled soft updates enabled, just soft updates, and well there
> dump with snapshot works just fine.
> Can SU+J be disabled for the 9.1-RELEASE or do you think this is not
> going to be a problem for users of FreeBSD? I will have to boot these
> two systems single user now to disable the soft updates journal, because
> I use dump + restore on live systems, not a problem for me, it is just
> an inconvenience.

I have to second this sentiment.  Unless the dump/snapshot issue has 
been resolved they journal should be turned off by default.

It's a really nasty bug that causes an instant panic which is awful if 
the server is in production.  The fact that it happens when you're 
trying to exercise due diligence (ie; backups) is even worse.

-- my .02

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