9.1 stability/robustness?

pulley at dabus.com pulley at dabus.com
Fri Nov 2 14:25:23 UTC 2012

> I need to build up a few servers and routers, and am wondering how
> FreeBSD 9.1 is shaping up. Will it be likely to be more stable and
> robust than 9.0-RELEASE? Are there issues that will have to wait
> until 9.2-RELEASE to be fixed? Opinions welcome.
> --Brett Glass

I've got 9.1-RC2 running on 2 amd64 boxes both using ZFS root builds and 2
i386 platforms one desktop and one netbook.

The amd64 boxes are one file server (NFS/SMB) and one KDE4 photography
work-flow desktop/proofing station. Moving large files/video streaming
over lagg0 (LACP) gig-E lines no worries so far (knock knock). Both many
core large ram systems.

The 2 i386's are just screw-around desktops (web email etc..) but no
problems there either.

As for routers I always use OpenBSD there just out of old habit more than
any technical reason and 5.2 is working great there...for the past 22
hours at least :)

looking forward to RC3 or release

Eric S Pulley

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