ZFS corruption due to lack of space?

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Thu Nov 1 00:09:36 UTC 2012

On 2012-Oct-31 17:25:09 -0000, Steven Hartland <steven at multiplay.co.uk> wrote:
>>Been running some tests on new hardware here to verify all
>>is good. One of the tests was to fill the zfs array which
>>seems like its totally corrupted the tank.
>I've accidently "filled" a pool, and had multiple processes try to
>write to the full pool, without either emptying the free space reserve
>(so I could still delete the offending files) or corrupting the pool.

Same here but its the first time I've had ZIL in place at the time so
wondering if that may be playing a factor.

> Had you tried to read/write the raw disks before you tried the
> ZFS testing? 

Yes, didn't see any issues but then it wasn't checksuming so tbh I
wouldn't have noticed if it was silently corrupting data.

>Do you have compression and/or dedupe enabled on the pool?

Nope bog standard raidz2 no additional settings

>>1. Given the information it seems like the multiple writes filling
>>the disk may have caused metadata corruption?
> I don't recall seeing this reported before.

Nore me and we've been using ZFS for years, but never filled a pool
with such known simultanious access + ZIL before

>>2. Is there anyway to stop the scrub?
>Other than freeing up some space, I don't think so.  If this is a test
>pool that you don't need, you could try destroying it and re-creating
>it - that may be quicker and easier than recovering the existing pool.

Artems trick of cat /dev/null > /tank2/<bigfile> worked and I've now
managed to stop the scrub :)

>>3. Surely low space should never prevent stopping a scrub?
> As Artem noted, ZFS is a copy-on-write filesystem.  It is supposed to
> reserve some free space to allow metadata updates (stop scrubs, delete
> files, etc) even when it is "full" but I have seen reports of this not
> working correctly in the past.  A truncate-in-place may work.

Yes it did thanks, but as you said if this metadata update was failing
due to out of space lends credability to the fact that the same lack of
space and hence failure to update metadata could have also caused the
corruption in the first place.

Its interesting to note that the zpool is reporting pleanty of free space
even when the root zfs volume was showing 0, so you would expect there
to be pleanty of space for it be able to stop the scrub but it appears
not which is definitely interesting and could point to the underlying

zpool list tank2
tank2    19T  18.7T   304G    98%  1.00x  ONLINE  -

zfs list tank2
tank2  13.3T      0  13.3T  /tank2

Current state is:-
  scan: scrub in progress since Wed Oct 31 16:13:53 2012
        1.64T scanned out of 18.7T at 62.8M/s, 79h12m to go
        280M repaired, 8.76% done

Something else that was interesting is while the scrub was running
devd was using a good amount of CPU 40% of a 3.3Ghz core, which I've
never seen before. Any ideas why its usage would be so high?


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