Fighting with vnet / jails epair and so on

Denny Schierz linuxmail at
Thu Jan 19 15:34:28 UTC 2012


I've created a new patch (adapted the old freebsd-9RC2 patch) for /etc/rc.d/jail:

The original patch:

My patch:

It works (was very happy) if you start the jail, but has problems with stopping: it shows in jls still as active:

 # jls
   JID  IP Address      Hostname                      Path
     1  -               template.domain /jails/template

If I try to remove with "jail -r 1" than first the process hang, second after while, the whole machine needs a reset. There is no process from the jail active, nor any epair* interfaces or mounts, which is quite good, but ...

I you try to create the jail again (after /etc/rc.d/jail stop), it tries to create the epair0a (the last I can see) interface and than it hangs again -> reset needed

Also nice to know:

# umount  /jails/template 
umount: unmount of /jails/template failed: Device busy

Also not possible: a normal reboot after starting / stopping the jail. -> reset needed

cu denny

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