FreeBSD 9 & recompile ports

George Kontostanos gkontos.mail at
Thu Jan 12 18:42:50 UTC 2012

Greetings all and my apologies for cross posting!

There seems to be a confusion regarding the ABI change in FreeBSD 9
and if this affects the usual upgrade path which includes a full port

The relevant post is here:

Frankly, I am also confused because I remember a relevant discussion a
few months ago in the lists. Traditionally a major RELEASE upgrade
requires a full ports rebuild, however this time there is no
COMPAT_FREEBSD8 in GENERIC and most upgraded systems seem to be
working fine. On the other hand this is stated in UPDATING:

        Bump the shared library version numbers for libraries that
        do not use symbol versioning, have changed the ABI compared
        to stable/8 and which shared library version was not bumped.
        Done as part of 9.0-RELEASE cycle.

Your input would be appreciated!


George Kontostanos
Aicom telecoms ltd

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