devd based AUTOMOUNTER

vermaden vermaden at
Tue Feb 28 22:04:25 UTC 2012

"Andriy Gapon" <avg at> said:
> on 28/02/2012 17:26 Alexander Leidinger said the following:
> > The kernel does not poll for CD changes, and the people guarding the relevant CD
> > code where against something like this in the kernel everytime this came up in
> > the past. So no devd event for this.
> My impression was that lately people were asking for it (and nobody actually
> "guarded" the code), but there is no good design on how to do it.

The mentioned earlier sysctl OID changes whenever CD is in the
drive or not, something changes that ... so adding appreciate
events like "MEDIA INSERTED" and "MEDIA REMOVED" to cd* class
should be enought to handle them and mount/umount the
medium with script like mine with appreciate devd(8) config.



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