devd based AUTOMOUNTER

vermaden vermaden at
Mon Feb 27 20:36:47 UTC 2012

> Have you read the Porter's Handbook
> (
> It tells you how to make a good port,
> how to test it (though I don't think
> it has anything on redports, yet), and
> how to submit it.

I have tried both developers and porters handbooks
but havent found info what to do to 'commit' this
as a port, should I just submit a PR?

> Unfortunately, I spent a few days that would
> have to understand how it is possible to
> detect the inserted CD-ROM with devd; but
> alas - the only thing that detects changes
> in the drive CD-ROM - a :sysctl kern.geom.conftxt
> before inserting the disc:
> kern.geom.conftxt: 0 DISK cd0 0 2048 hd 0 sc 0
> ...
> after inserting the disc:
> kern.geom.conftxt: 0 DISK cd0 4700372992 2048 hd 0 sc 0

Thanks, at least we have 'something' we can cepend on.

I can create an 'active wait' daemon for that, like the skel below:

while sleep 3
  case $( sysctl -n kern.geom.conftxt ) in
    (0 DISK cd0 0 2048 hd 0 sc 0)
      echo "No CD in the drive ..."
      # umount procedure ...
    (0 DISK cd0 * * hd 0 sc 0)
      echo "We have CD here!"
      # do something about it lile mount_cd9660

But a devd(8) event would be far better, maybe some somple commit to devd(8) would help here? My knowledge does not allow me to add these bits to devd(8).


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