FreeBSD9 and the sheer number of problem reports

jb jb.1234abcd at
Sun Feb 26 12:45:05 UTC 2012

H <hm <at>> writes:

> ... 
> it is about FreeBSD and the meaning, importance and reliability  of
> -RELEASE for all people
> ...
> > Still, FreeBSD has always at least one more release out there which
> > was hardened in real life.
> > ...

I think you have a point.

There was a very interesting discussion on "FreeBSD and release engineering".
There were some proposals made, but in my view this is the most important one.
There are too many "production releases" - at present including versions
7.4, 8.2, and 9.0 .
Cutting one would refocus devs and users on the remainig two, with obvious
benefits to FreeBSD product.


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